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East-Siberian State Institute of Culture (VSGIK)

Founded in 1960, the East-Siberian State Institute of Culture is one of the oldest higher educational institutions of this profile. It was the fourth opened in USSR and the third in the Russian Federation. It has developed from small Librarian institute to large educational complex.

Today VSGIK is one of the leading institutes among all Russian institutes of culture, a recognized scientific and educational center in Eastern Siberia and North regions in the sphere of personnel training for culture and arts.

Today over 2500 students in all qualifications are educated in VSGIK. The educational processis represented by the following levels: pre-university training (preparatory courses),higher education (specialist, bachelor and master degrees), post-institute training (postgraduate and doctorate courses), retraining and advanced training courses of executives and specialists on the profile of the Institute.Currently, there are over 30 disciplines (qualifications).

Recently the Institute staff works according to the plans of developed strategy of the Institute’s development until 2025, in which the most important is the quality of education, aimed at formation of creative, skilled at management and marketing, moral specialist. The institute provides specialists for the republics ofBuryatiya, Sakha Yakutiya, Tuva, Kalmykia, Altai Mountains, Khakassia, the Trans-Baikal region and Irkutsk region, also conducts training foreign students from Mongolia, China, Turkey, the Republic of Korea, Laos. VSGIK signed more than 30 cooperation agreements with international universities of Europe and Asia.

Nowadays the institute in the dynamism of development does not concede any famous world schools. Teachers, postgraduates and students activelyparticipate international, federal, republican target scientific-research programs, train abroad and in leading scientific-educational centers of Russia. In the framework of scientific directions there have been established 13 scientific schools.

Strategic direction of development conception in VSGIK is to form united, multidimensional, information and culture-educational space; to study the problems of conservation and development of traditional national cultures, which associated with the establishment ofinfrastructure in the imagination and formation of new culture and new art of the XXI c.; to develop the culture science, culture mathematics; to seek for ancient knowledge in traditional cultures.

Over 30,000 graduates of the Institute work in various regions of Russia and abroad. They are all teachers in kid art schools, musical colleges and culture and art colleges, artists in professional troupes, artists of the theaters, choreographers, museologists, workers in socio-cultural sphere. Graduates of the librarian department work in libraries, information centers, marketing and advertisement departments, schools. Today they determine the strategy and direction of development in tourism, show business, professional art; research the traditional ethnic cultures; develop entertaining industry for children and adults; approve and implement mechanisms for integration of business and art; create the management structures of socio-cultural sphere in real sector of economy.

FGBOU VO VSGIK is the winner of Russian competition “Spot into Russia” in the nomination “the Best Institute of Arts” (1999). In 2002, the Institute was awarded the Golden medal of France (SPI), also international prize “Crystal Iceberg” (Scandinavian countries) for the quality of training specialists and contribution to strategic management. The ninth magnitude star in the constellation of Aquarius was named by VSGIK. In 2004 the Institute was also honored the medal “the Best Employer of the Year” as the institution which achieved the best economic results in that sphere for training of competitive specialists, contribution to social development of the region.

In 2009, VSGIK was entered in the list “Reliable Reputation”, moreover obtained the certificate and medal. In 2010 and 2015, the Institute was holder of competition “Golden Medal “European quality” in the nomination of “Top 100 of Russian universities” as the best Institute in Russia which achieved best results in the training of specialists with the higher education.

If you want to study here, the Institute will send you an invitation (on pre-mailedcopy of your passport). Visas for studying are issued independently by foreign students.

On arrival to Ulan-Ude, group moderator will meet foreigners and accompany to the living places. Near the Institute there is accommodation where foreign students will live.

The 1st year includes training lessons of the Russian language, specialty.

The list of main disciplines:

  1. Vocal art
  2. Conduction
  3. Musicology and musical and craft art
  4. Sound engineering in cultural performances and concerts
  5. Music and instrumental art
  6. Music stage art
  7. Folk Art of Singing
  8. Composition
  9. Choreography
  10. Culturology
  11. Library and Information activity
  12. Museology and the protection of cultural and natural heritage sites
  13. Tourism
  14. Social and cultural activity
  15. Psychology and pedagogy
  16. Folk art culture
  17. Choreographic art
  18. Theory and history of art
  19. Art of acting
  20. Stage direction of theatre performances and festivals
  21. Design
  22. Applied art and crafts

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